Our vision and values

The TCPA’s vision is for homes, places and communities in which everyone can thrive.

Our mission is to challenge, inspire and support people to create healthy, sustainable and resilient places that are fair for everyone.

To achieve our vision and mission, the TCPA will need to operate in a certain way. We will be guided by our values, which are that we are:

  • inclusive;
  • collaborative;
  • practical;
  • creative; and
  • bold.

What success looks like

Our priorities draw on our heritage. The TCPA was founded by the originators of the Garden City movement, who sought to transform the way that places are created for the common good. This approach enabled the practical achievement of beautifully designed and sustainable places for everyone, secured by reinvesting the wealth generated by development for the benefit of the whole community. Achieving social justice was, and remains, the driving ambition of the Garden City movement. The Garden City Principles are the practical articulation of this philosophy of place.

Informed by the Garden City Principles, the TCPA’s strategic priorities are to:

  • Work to secure a good home for everyone in inclusive, resilient and prosperous communities, which support people to live healthier lives.
  • Empower people to have real influence over decisions about their environments and to secure social justice within and between communities.
  • Support new and transform existing places to be adaptable to current and future challenges including the climate crisis.

The TCPA’s Strategy

In January 2021, we launched our five-year strategy.

Diversity and inclusion at the TCPA

The TCPA embeds social justice in all its activities and promotes diversity, inclusion and representation within the Association.