This guidance for communities, written in partnership with the National Flood Forum, explains how flood risk is dealt with in the English planning system and how communities can most effectively get their voices and concerns heard in planning decisions.

The guidance is written for people who do not have much or any experience of the planning system but are worried about the flood risk where they live. The planning system in England has a major role in making decisions about where new development will go and how it will be built, and these decisions are crucial to reducing the risk of flooding, both now and in the future. The guidance takes the reader on a journey through the processes and language used to make decisions within the planning system about flood risk. It hopes to help communities understand where they can make a difference and how to feed in the unique knowledge that they have about their local areas.

Download the guidance here

Each briefing can also be downloaded individually: 

Briefing 1: Future flood risk, and how planning can help

Briefing 2: Who does what in planning for flood risk?

Briefing 3: Understanding national law and policy on flood risk

Briefing 4: Making a difference to your Local Plan

Briefing 5: Making a difference on planning applications

Briefing 6: Where to get help – further information and glossary

We are very grateful to Flood Re for their support of this work.