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What should ‘levelling up’ mean for planning? – a panel discussion

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26th April, 2022 : 12:30 pm 1:30 pm

The consultation on the proposals for radical reform of the English planning system closed back in late October 2020. Since then, along with various hints in speeches about which elements of the proposals might be taken forward, we have a new Secretary of State for Levelling Up, a re-branded department and a Levelling Up White Paper. 

As Levelling Up the United Kingdom recognises, “a strong planning system is vital to level up communities across the country and give them a say in how their land is used and where beautiful, sustainable houses are built.” It also makes clear that, despite the delay, changes will be made to the planning system. 

This free to attend discussion session will consider what ‘levelling up’ should mean for planning, if we are to secure a system that can deliver the outcomes needed for resilient and sustainable communities and the environment.

The session will be chaired by Fiona Howie, TCPA Chief Executive. 

And the virtual panel will consist of:  

  • Hugh Ellis, Director of Policy at the TCPA 
  • Catriona Riddell, Director of Catriona Riddell & Associates 
  • Rosie Pearson, Chairman and one of the founders of the Community Planning Alliance 
  • Iain Painting, Senior Partner at Barton Willmore