Healthy Homes Pledge

The quality of our homes and neighbourhoods defines the entire arc of our lives. The evidence is clear that health is made at home. It is a matter of life and death. Healthy homes radically reduce costs not only to people, but also to the NHS and to wider society. Our home should provide a safe haven and space for rest and recreation, as well as for work and study. Everyone has a right to a healthy, affordable and secure home in a healthy environment. 

The Healthy Homes Pledge

Within the scope of our remit and responsibilities, we the undersigned: 

Pledge to ensure the provision of high-quality homes and places that will protect and promote all residents’ physical, mental and social wellbeing, as well as to support planetary health. As such, we commit to ensuring all new homes meet the Healthy Homes Principles.
Pledge not to knowingly engage in any form of development, activity or decision making likely to create harm to human health.
Pledge to support the provision of genuinely affordable homes, based upon people’s ability to pay.
Pledge to ensure all residents to have defined legal protections against poor build quality, management or maintenance and landlord harassment. 

To support the delivery of this pledge we call for a statutory duty to positively promote health and wellbeing in both the planning system and building regulations.

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Organisations that have signed the Healthy Homes Pledge:

The Campaign for Healthy Homes

Decent homes are vital to give people a good foundation to thrive in their daily lives. Yet, one in ten people in the UK (over 6 million) are living in poor quality housing.

The Campaign for Healthy Homes aims to transform the way that the built environment is regulated to ensure that all new homes promote the health and wellbeing of their residents.

To ensure better and more inclusive health outcomes, the TCPA and supporting organisations have identified 12 Healthy Homes principles that all new housing developments must provide.