PERFECT is an international green infrastructure partnership led by the TCPA.

Professionals from around Europe use PERFECT to collect and share research, knowledge and best practice to help encourage further investment in green infrastructure throughout the continent.

Countries partnering in PERFECT are the United Kingdom (Cornwall Council and the TCPA), Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy.

The project partners are:

  • Lead Partner – TCPA, UK
  • Partner 2 – Cornwall Council, UK
  • Partner 3 – Social Ascention of Somogy Development, Communication and Education Nonprofit Ltd, Hungary
  • Partner 4 – Provincial Government of Styria, Department for Environment and Spatial Planning, Austria
  • Partner 5 – City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Partner 6 – Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, Slovenia
  • Partner 7 – Bratislava Karlova Ves Municipality, Slovakia
  • Partner 8 – Municipality of Ferrara, Italy

Who is it for?

PERFECT was created to help professionals working within green infrastructure make a better case for more funding.

This could mean you work as a councillor, policy maker, planner, developer or community group—anyone who has the potential to influence the use of green infrastructure.

If you are a member of the public or someone who wants to learn more about the basics of green infrastructure, you can visit our Green Cities homepage here.

Resources for practitioners 

Expert papers

The PERFECT expert papers are intended for an audience of policy-makers and practitioners working in local public sector organisations, as well as national and international organisations who are responsible for setting policy frameworks and investment strategies.

Expert paper 1: Health, wealth and happiness By Erin Gianferrara and Janine Boshoff, eftec– an expert paper on the relationship between green infrastructure and health 

Expert paper 2: Planning for green infrastructure By Peter Massini, Green Infrastructure, Greater London Authority and Henry Smith, TCPA – paper for “Planning for Environment and Resource efficiency in European Cities and Towns”

Expert paper 3: What does good green infrastructure policy look like? By Alister J Scott, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Northumbria, and Max Hislop Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership - paper on developing a policy assessment tool to assess plans, policies and programmes

Expert paper 4: Place-making and green infrastructure By Fiona Howie, Chief Executive, Town and Country Planning Association– focusses on the importance of green infrastructure for the delivery of high-quality places

Expert paper 5: Green infrastructure and biodiversity By Zuzana Hudekova, Bratislava Karlova Ves Municipality – paper on the importance of maximising the biodiversity of green infrastructure

Expert paper 6: Investment finance for green infrastructure. By Dr Bruce Howard Director, UK Ecosystems Knowledge Network - paper which examines the potential for diversification and blending of investment finance for green infrastructure and the challenges and opportunities of this 

All the expert papers can be found here.


The PERFECT factsheets aim to make the case for green infrastructure to decision-makers and politicians by bringing together evidence and key statistics from across Europe to demonstrate that investment in high-quality green infrastructure is easily repaid from the benefits that it brings.

Factsheet 1: Green infrastructure and health – A resource outlining the health benefits of GI 

Factsheet 2: Green infrastructure and biodiversity – Focusses on highlighting the biodiversity benefits of GI 

Factsheet 3: Green infrastructure and climate change – A resource pointing out how GI can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation 

Factsheet 4: Green infrastructure and food – A resource for decision-makers to highlight how GI contributes to food growing opportunities 

Factsheet 5: Green roofs – A resource to highlight the benefits and opportunities of green roofs 

All the factsheets can be found here

Good practices

The PERFECT website contains details of good practices that have been identified by the partners through the project.

The good practices can be found here.

Read here the special edition on PERFECT in the Town & Country Planning journal.

PERFECT (Planning for Environment and Resource eFficiency in European Cities and Towns) is funded by Interreg, an organisation set up to help regional and local governments throughout Europe deliver better policy.