Guide 4: Masterplanning for net-zero energy

Garden Cities are exemplars of sustainable living, and as such they must deal with the overwhelming challenge of climate change. It is hard to overemphasise the degree to which climate change affects every aspect of planning for new and renewed places. Garden Cities offer a unique opportunity to deliver net-zero (i.e. net-zero greenhouse gas emissions) or energy positive development, and they must cope with the impacts of changes to the global climate that have already been set in motion, including increased risk of flooding and overheating.

This Practical Guide focuses on mitigating climate change, and outlines how large-scale new development being brought forward can be in line with the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions targets. It considers headline issues in planning for renewable energy, provides an overview of energy planning principles, and signposts policy resources produced by other organisations.

This guide was kindly supported by the Energy Systems Catapult and the Lady Margaret Paterson Osborn Trust.