Relevant stewardship resources and further information

TCPA Guidance on long-term stewardship

From patchwork to tapestry: Overcoming barriers to planning for long-term stewardship in existing communities (TCPA, January 2024)

Download the report here.

The contexts in which retrofitting stewardship occurs can be vastly different, from new housing developments with a patchwork of existing planning permissions and management companies to council-led estate regeneration projects.

In this report, we draw out common lessons from these experiences to help those seeking to achieve holistic, whole-place approaches to stewardship in different contexts. 

The Heart of the Matter: Emerging Lessons in Long-Term Stewardship (TCPA, March 2022)

Download the report here.

This research report provides an overview of emerging lessons from new and existing places which are exploring long-term stewardship. Including: 

  • An overview of the wider context and debates around stewardship including current policy 
  • An overview of the challenges local authorities are facing in relation to stewardship of new communities and sharing lessons from this 
  • Case studies from places that are working on stewardship models  
  • Sharing learning from long-established stewardship organisations, including places with Schemes of Management, and those established through the New Towns programme. 

Guide 9: Long-Term Stewardship. Dec. 2017 

Guidance through the range of types of stewardship bodies and setting out principles for success in planning and paying for long-term stewardship and running a good stewardship body.

Built Today, Treasured Tomorrow: A practical guide to long-term stewardship, Jan. 2014

Designed to help those who plan and build new places to secure a good-long term future for community assets setting out imaginative approaches to funding and management to empower local communities to take control or have a say in the running of local assets

Other online resources on long-term stewardship

  • Homes England Toolkit: provides information about to plan, design and develop a new garden community
  • Building with Nature: sets out guidance on how to deliver and manage high-quality green infrastructure
  • The Community Land Trust Network: network of organisations that are run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes and assets important to that community 
  • The Land Trust: a charity that owns and manages public open spaces such as country parks, natures reseves and woodlands for community benefit 
  • Bournville Village Trust: an organisation created to maintain and improve Bournville, an example of a stewardship organisation 
  • Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation: a self-funding charitable organisation investing for the long term benefit of communities in Letchworth Garden City   
  • Shared Assets: an organisation that supports the development of new models of managing land
  • Rethinking Parks: a joint programme by Nesta, The National Lottery Heritage Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund exploring innovative ways to manage and finance parks in the UK.

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