Stewardship organisations and service charges

This section provides a list of a selection of live stewardship organisations, what they are responsible for. Where possible, it also provides links to current service charges for the places they manage. This list is indicative only and individual organisations should be contacted directly for the latest data. 

Management organisations for long standing communities

OrganisationDescriptionName of development(s)
Bournville Village TrustOne of the Midland’s leading and longest serving independent community-focused organisations. They provide services focused on place-shaping, community building, championing people and providing great homes.Lightmoor
(1,000 homes once complete)
(circa 7,000 homes / 1,000 acres)  
(3,550 homes once complete)
Letchworth Garden City Heritage FoundationA place-based foundation that seeks to maintain and enhance the world’s first Garden City. They managed their local portfolio to generate income, which they then invest back into the community.Letchworth Heritage Foundation Estate (185,567 sq ft of offices, 181 industrial units and more than 100 shops. Rural Estate: 1214 ha. Greenway: 13.6 miles Commercial Farm land: 906 ha.
Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme/Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council The organisation works to promote high standards of estate management of the built and natural environment, in order to protect the character of the Garden City.Welwyn Garden City (19,549 households in 2011 census)
Hampstead Garden Suburb TrustThe Trust was set up to maintain and preserve the character and amenities of the Garden Suburb.Hampstead Garden Suburb (5,000 homes)
Dulwich EstateA charity established to offer educational opportunities to disadvantaged children, housing to the elderly in need, and a place of community worship. As stewards of the neighbourhood, they are committed to preserving the character of the area. They invest income from the land and property for charitable purposes.Dulwich Estate (5,000 homes)
The Parks Trust Milton KeynesThe Parks Trust is a self-financing charity that cares for over 6,000 acres of green space across Milton Keynes.Green space in Milton Keynes
Nene Parks TrustThe Trust looks after all maintenance, coordination of the Nene Park’s (Peterborough) activity programme and administration of commercial properties in the Park.Green space Peterborough

Service charge information for long standing communities

OrganisationHow service provision is fundedResident feesWhat does it cover

Bournville Village Trust


Services are funded through an annual management charge applied to each household (freehold titles contain a covenant to pay the charge).Stewardship Charge is £354.97. Those with a Courtyard pay an additional £69 per yearManages communal areas, green spaces and the built environment. Further details available here. Overseen by Lightmoor Village Management Committee, further information here.

Bournville Village Trust
Service charge was set in 2001. Only able to be increased in line with 1% over CIP (check) This has resulted in a deficit as service costs have risen at a higher rate.Management Charge is £96.25 per yearProvides a range of services that maintain and repair the estate. More information about the scheme of Management here.

Bournville Village Trust
Services are funded through an annual management charge applied to each household (freehold titles contain a covenant to pay the charge).Community Charge is £227.50 per yearCharge covers the costs of running the Stewardship Services and contributes to the Wear and Tear Fund.
Letchworth Garden City Heritage FoundationLegacy of original Development Company First Garden City Ltd. The largest income generation comes from their commercial and residential properties. A breakdown of how their property portfolio generate income available here.No estate management fees for residents. More information here.Owns and operates key venues and green assets of the town. Details about assets here
Welwyn Garden City Estate Management SchemeAn Estate Management Scheme was created in 1973 for freehold properties to maintain high standards of appearance and amenity and regulate redevelopment in their area.Fees for applications to change the properties on the estate. Ranging from small projects where the alteration is not a like for like replacement are £50 and major projects like extension are £30/m2. More information here.
Most of the leasehold and council owned housing stock are captured by the scheme
Hampstead Garden Suburb TrustThe Trust operates a Scheme of Management to ensure the original architectural standards and to maintain a high-quality public realm.Fees Payable to the Trust for planning applications.
Ranging from small changes like change of door are £98 and larger changes like
extensions or substantial remodelling have a minimum charge of £526.
Fees cover the majority of the estate. The scheme covers the character and amenities of the Hampstead Garden Suburb. More information here.
Dulwich EstateIt operates a Scheme of Management designed to maintain the special character of the area for which Dulwich is renowned, and often the properties themselves.Scheme is self-funding and covered by a by a small annual scheme charge, payable by all freehold households on the Estate. The charge for domestic properties is determined by the Council Tax band, starting at £52.93 per year for properties on Band A to £158.78 per year for properties on Band H. More information here.The Estate manages 15000 acres which has around 5.000 homes, and 80 shops restaurants and pubs. It also owns a range of communal greens, allotments and sports sites which are leased to sports clubs or management committees.
The Parks Trust Milton KeynesThe charity was set in 1992 and was given a 999-year lease on 4,500 acres of Milton Keynes, an endowment of £20m and a portfolio of commercial property. Returns on these investments generate the primary source of income required to fund their work.Not funded by resident charges.  6,000 acres of green space across Milton Keynes. More information here.
Nene Parks TrustThe Trust was provided with a 999 -year lease on the land and was endowed with commercial properties and other assets which now generate some of the income required to maintain the Park.Not funded by resident charges. Nene Park, Peterborough. More information here.

Management organisations for new communities

OrganisationDescriptionName of development
Chilmington Green Community Management Organisation (CMO)A Community Management Organisation (CMO) was created to manage the Chilmington Green assets. Its purpose is to own, manage and maintain excellent shared spaces and buildings, creating a community for present and future generations with the input from residents.Chilmington Green, Ashford BC
(5,750 new homes once complete)
Ebbsfleet Garden City Trust  The Trust has been set up to be the charitable legacy and stewardship organisation when Ebbsfleet Development Corporation EDC) completes its work. It would undertake the long-term funding and management of public spaces, community facilities and green infrastructure which are critical for the long-term culture, character and identity of the area.Ebbsfleet Garden City (15,000 homes once complete)
Monksmoor CICThe Community Interest Company (CIC) takes care of all the communal assets on behalf of the community. It employs a managing agent, Preim, to maintain and manage the infrastructure assets.Monksmoor Park, Daventry
(Up to 1,000 new homes once complete)
Whitehill & Bordon Community TrustThe Trust works in partnership with residents, community organisations and local authorities to create bespoke community events and manage physical assets.Whitehill & Bordon
(3,350 new homes once complete, 5,500 jobs)
The Land Trust/Beaulieu Estate Management LtdThe Land Trust manages the green infrastructure on the site. As the development progresses, the open space is transferred to Beaulieu Estate Management Ltd as a bespoke wholly owned subsidiary company.Beaulieu
(3,600 homes once complete)
Chichester Community Development TrustEstablished to represent the needs of the community when the site of Graylingwell Hospital was sold to Linden Homes and Affinity Sutton. The development was led by CCDT and planned through an extensive community planning process with a consensus-led approach to design.Graylingwell Park (750 new homes)

Service charges information for new communities

Name of developmentHow service provision is fundedManagement feesWhat assets does it cover?
Chilmington Green, Ashford BC
(5,750 new homes once complete)
Forms of income include a set-up grant and a deficit grant which help cash flow in the early years  and income from endowed commercial assets. Resident charges are also in place to support the running costs of CMO and its activities. More info here.Annual resident charges range from £130.55 for a 1 bed to £596.81 for 5+bed. The CMO can increase the rent charge by up to 20% after 2030, increasing the obligations of the CMO. There is also a charge applicable to areas of the estate which the benefit of only a few residents (e.g. private courtyards)The CMO was gifted
community facilities such as play spaces, community centres, open space and much more which it manages and maintains.
Ebbsfleet Garden City (15,000 homes once complete)The responsibilities of the Trust have not yet been agreed so the details about funding are not publicly available. More information here.The responsibilities of the Trust have not yet been agreed so the details about funding are not publicly available.The Trust proposes to be responsible for strategic assets like city parks, green corridors and sports facilities; neighbourhood assets like the public realm, local parks and play areas; and is in charge of placemaking activities.
Monksmoor Park, Daventry
(Up to 1,000 new homes once complete)
Crest Nicholson endowed the CIC with £100,000. A service charge is also collected on the property.£300 service charge per home per annum. This will be reviewed annually to reflect the needs and requirements of the residents. More information here.The green spaces – amenity areas, woodland, hedges, allotments, ponds, play areas and the community centre on Monksmoor Park will eventually be owned, managed and maintained by the stakeholders on the development
Whitehill & Bordon
(3,350 new homes once complete, 5,500 jobs)
Income and endowment from several sources plus services chargesAwaiting information
(3,600 homes once complete)
Endowment from Countryside for set up costs plus service charge.Estate charges range from £110-133 for a 1 one bed to £350-£378 for a 5+ Bed charge. Maintenance service charges for leasehold properties are charged in addition. More information here.Countryside and L&Q. L&Q collect on behalf of their tenants and pass to BEM Ltd)
Graylingwell Park (750 new homes)The Trust is funded in a range of ways.
The Trust has a variety of assets that generate surplus which is then reinvested in the local community. Residents also pay a charge. The rest of the funding comes from grant income, Section 106 contributions and events and activity income. More information here.
Contact Trust manage community buildings and land within Chichester, reserving and safeguarding these for use by the community.

Other relevant trusts and charities

Building with Nature  They support a proactive approach to nature-friendly development, sensitive to location and context, that cares about long-term maintenance and management.
Community Led HomesA network of advisors across the UK that  support community led housing hubs
Heeley TrustA community organisation in Sheffield that builds and maintains land and develops a community asset base  
LocalityA national membership network for community organisations that helps communities own and manage land and buildings.
National Community Land Trust NetworkAn umbrella organisation supporting the work of community land trusts.
Power to changeWorks with community businesses to revive local assets, protect the services people rely on and address local needs
Public PracticeA social enterprise that places built environment practitioners within forward-thinking public authorities. It has produced guidance on how to set up structures for community-led governance on strategic sites. Available here.
Shared AssetsA social enterprise that supports organisations to develop new models of managing land.
The Land TrustA Trust that owns and manages public open spaces, such as country parks, nature reserves and woodlands for community benefit.
Quality of Life Foundation
A charity focused on health and wellbeing that asks residents what they think and feel about where they live through Resident Review post-occupancy evaluations.   

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