Our journal, Town & Country Planning, is available to all members of the TCPA. 

Published monthly, it continues to provide a synthesis of thought provoking debate and astute analysis with feature articles written by expert practitioners, decision makers and academics.

A sample contents page and article from the August 2020 issue of the journal are available below. 

Contents page

A practical path to a hopeful tomorrow
The deep-rooted moral philosophy underpinning the Garden City model, seeking democratic places – designed for justice and with a mutualised economy – is just what we need to address the challenges of today, say Hugh Ellis and Katy Lock

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A sample article from the November 2019 issue of the journal is available below:

Securing the resurgence of the UK’s provinces – eight lessons from a former RDA
Mike Shields and Ian Wray consider regional inequalities in the UK, and particularly in England, and look at the lessons offered by the experience of the former Regional Development Agencies

The December 2019 contents page and the full journal are available below:

Contents page

Special Issue: The PERFECT Project – Planning for Environment and Resource eFficiency in European Cities and Towns