How planning impacts on health?

Town planning’s inception in the 1940s emerged from decades of poor-housing quality, deprivation and associated health issues. This co-operation and synergy between planning and public health continues to this day, and we must not forget those fundamental reasons why we try to plan our towns and cities for the better physical and mental wellbeing of the nation.Read more


The TCPA's Reuniting Health with Planning initiative has four strands: Capacity building, Guidance, Research and Raising Awareness. It has resulted in a number of publications in the form of planning guidance, more than 30 workshops with local authorities on healthy places, reports and special edition journals of the Town & Country Planning.Read more

Guidance and Research on Healthy Planning

Identifying gaps in current guidance then undertaking collaborative projects to provide accessible and authoritative guidance to practitioners is a key aim of the Initiative in 2017. Our research aims to uncover, engage then seek to provide greater clarity on key healthy planning issues so that practitioners can deliver truly health places through the planning system.Read more

Local Capacity Building

A key strand of the Initiative is capacity building to support local authorities and their partners. The objectives and the outcomes seek to get partners from across the locality working collaboratively to achieve healthier places through local plans and actions according to the priorities set out in local strategies.Read more