Katy Lock

Email: [email protected]
 Tel:  0207 930 8903

Katy works on the TCPA’s campaigns and promotion of garden city principles in policy, education and the arts. She manages the organisation’s policy strand, Creating garden cities and suburbs today, including facilitating and reporting on cross-sector workshops and seminars, project managing and creating guidance and campaign documents, and promoting the garden city model through seminars, events and lectures and in the media. She has worked closely with international organisations concerned with the garden city movement, including the International Federation for Housing and Planning (a 1913 offspring of the TCPA established to promote the garden city model worldwide), co-organising their centenary congress in London 2013. She managed the production of the TCPA’s ‘Creating Garden Cities and Suburbs Today Guide for Councils’, ‘Good practice guide to long-term stewardship models’, a ‘community guide to garden cities’ and a project re-examining the New Towns Act. Katy is currently working on a practical guide to meeting the high standards of garden cities, and a research project looking at transferable lessons from the New Towns.

Katy is a Chartered Town Planner (MRTPI) and has a background in planning, urban design and sustainability. Before joining the TCPA in 2011, she worked for several years in the private sector as an environmental planning consultant.