Katy Lock

Email: [email protected]

Tel:  0203 965 4379

Twitter: @Katy_Lock 

Katy is an experienced campaigner, influencer and project manager with a passion for social justice and the built environment. She has over 18 years' experience in planning and environmental practice with particular expertise in policy development, analysis and thought leadership in relation to new communities, housing, green infrastructure, urban design and sustainability.

As Director of New Communities Katy leads on the TCPA’s campaigns and promotion of garden city principles in policy, legislation, education and the arts, nationally and internationally. This involves working at all levels of government and with a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations and individuals, at all stages of planning, design and delivery. Katy is also responsible for overseeing Project Delivery at the TCPA. 

Katy leads the TCPA's ongoing research on transferable lessons from the post-war new towns, currently looking at new town renewal and modernising the New Towns Act- and a series of practical guides to delivering new communities today. She is currently writing a book on the 'Rise, Fall and Rebirth' of New Towns with Hugh Ellis (RIBA Publishing, Forthcoming - May 2020).  In 2017 Katy co-authored ‘The Art of Building a Garden City: Designing New Communities for the C21st’ (RIBA Publishing) with Hugh Ellis and Kate Henderson.

Katy is a Chartered Town Planner (MRTPI) and has a background in planning, urban design and sustainability. Before joining the TCPA in 2011, she worked for several years in the private sector as an environmental planning consultant. Katy is currently a trustee for Planning Aid for London, and a Design Review panellist for Design South East.