Town & Country Planning Tomorrow Series Paper 18:
Cities are Crucial – Four Scenarios for a 21st Century Urban Policy
Final Report of the TCPA Urban Policy Study Group
July 2016

This Tomorrow Series Paper, on urban policy, prepared by national experts in their fields (members of the TCPA Policy Council supplemented by academics and experienced practitioners), seems a natural extension of the TCPA’s previous work. It is of its time – balanced and designed to promote discussion, with emphatically no political axe to grind. It will both contribute to a national debate on spreading prosperity across the country and, hopefully, feed into the work of agencies such as the National Infrastructure Commission. But the country needs more.

The Town and Country Planning Association produces the Tomorrow Series in order to promote debate and encourage innovative thought. Views expressed in Tomorrow Series Papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the TCPA.

Membership of the TCPA Urban Policy Study Group:
● Ian Wray
● Alan Chape 
● Nicholas Falk
● Sandra Fryer 
● Vincent Goodstadt 
● Corinne Swain 
● Martin Simmons 
● Brian Robson 
● Alan Townsend