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The built and natural environments have profound impacts on people’s health, wellbeing and life chances. How we create neighbourhoods and manage development is, therefore, important. And that means land use planning is critically important.

The Town and Country Planning Association is committed to making sure that people live in homes, places and communities that enable everyone to thrive. Achieving that vision is not easy. But we are working to support communities and influence decision-makers as they tackle environmental, social, cultural and economic challenges. And we know that, by working towards that vision, we will help to make people’s lives better. By joining the TCPA you will be supporting this important work.

Please select the membership type you require to become a member of the TCPA. For each category there are two ways to join: with rolling membership that is automatically renewed annually by direct debit, or by buying a one-off yearly membership. There is a 10% discount if you pay by direct debit.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the TCPA New Communities Group please visit the NCG web page.

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