Planning for flood risk training

Flood risk is one of the most critical issues that planners must grapple with in order to make sure development is safe, sustainable, and resilient to climate change. However, applying flood risk considerations in practice can be difficult.  

That’s why the Environment Agency has teamed up with the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) to develop a suite of online training resources aimed at planners and flood risk professionals working in the public sector. The resources are all available from a new e-learning hub developed by the TCPA.  

The courses are designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the key principles underlining planning for flood risk, and the application of national policy and guidance.  

The resources include:  

  • An introduction to planning for flood risk in England,  
  • Courses on applying the sequential and exceptions tests to decision making, and  
  • Flood risk assessments for planning applications.  

Further resources focused on plan making are being developed and will be available soon.  

The courses are interactive, free of charge, can be completed at your own pace. Time spent on these courses can be used to contribute to CPD requirements for professional memberships. They are all available from a new e-learning hub developed by the TCPA.  

Register and access the courses here:  

Header image: flooding in Morpeth, England. Photographer: John Dal (via Climate Visuals)