A new future for New Towns – Lessons from the TCPA New Towns Network

This resource is part of a collection called Research on Garden Cities and New Towns.

Over the past ten years, the TCPA has been exploring the unique story of the New Towns; celebrating their opportunities and reflecting on their challenges in order to learn for the future and inform the creation of new places, as outlined in a series of TCPA publications that can be found here.

To mark the 75th anniversary of the passage into law of the New Towns Act 1946, A New Future for New Towns provides an overview of some of the key lessons from the last decade of work, alongside the TCPA’s latest research into the current state of the New Towns and opportunities for their growth and renewal.

The report is informed by discussions with the TCPA New Towns Network and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on New Towns, by desk-based research, and by responses to a survey sent to all New Town local authorities (i.e. local authorities which contain New Towns within their boundaries). It builds on the 2014 ‘Lessons for Tomorrow’ project by providing, in an Appendix, updated summary fact sheets on each New Town, drawing on action and aspirations emerging within the New Towns since the fact sheets were first published.