Re:Place – Reconnecting Arts & Planning


The Re:Place network was established by the TCPA and Northern Heartlands in 2019 and aims to be a space for all those involved in the arts and built environment sectors to share ideas, inspiration and experience.


Planning is both a technical and an artistic endeavour, and the pioneers of the Garden City movement put great emphasis on the role of the arts and culture in improving wellbeing as part of a co-operative approach to society. The significant role of art in creating successful places and vibrant communities is known, yet standardised approaches to design and development have become common practice. Planning is central to the control of development, and the quality of developments.

The benefits of linking art and planning

Art adds economic value to urban and rural communities through accruing leisure-led regeneration, tourism, and through development of infrastructure essential to underpin the creative industries.

Art in the public realm can improve health and wellbeing and increase a sense of place and belonging. Participatory arts offer opportunities for social engagement and participation to people who would otherwise be excluded in entering the life of communities.

Well-designed cultural venues add value to the built environment, attracting visitors, generating increased activity and help create places where people want to live.
Senses of identity, place and belonging are among the benefits the arts can bring to a community and its environment. Thriving communities can be built and maintained through the arts and cultural activities, creating strong bonds and active participation.

Network objectives

1. Reuniting arts and planning:

The network aims to join together planners, artists and anyone else with an interest in the value of arts and creativity for improving the planning process, building involvement and providing a positive impact for our towns, cities and communities.

2. Bringing people together:

We want to support important conversations and the sharing of good practices.

3. Shaping local systems:

We want to support local planners and artists to have the knowledge and understanding to help shape their local areas and the policy available to utilise.

4. Influencing national policy:

We hope to use our many platforms to advocate for more money and resources put towards the arts in towns and strengthening the inclusion in the national and local policies. Taking this further, we have an ambition to change the NPPF to ensure the provision and support for art and culture as a clear national planning policy priority.

5. Legacy:

Most importantly we want to create a legacy – we want the power of art and planning to be celebrated and embraced by all.

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Photo credits: Northern Heartlands