TCPA seminar: Planning for climate change, Liverpool

This seminar will provide an overview of the latest climate science and the wider UK response to climate change, and will provide an overview of the policy and legislation which can be used to address climate change at a local level. It will also highlight the how certification schemes can be used in planning for climate change.Read more

TCPA seminar: Children and young people’s experiences of new urban developments

This seminar will explore new evidence on shaping our places to better respond to the health and wellbeing needs of children. Read more

TCPA conference: Delivering healthy places with Garden City Principles

An opportunity to reinforce the meaning of Garden City Principles in practice, sharing the latest learning on delivery issues such as public participation and stewardship, facilitating a public debate about challenges and opportunities for good design and delivering healthy places.Read more

TCPA & Green Infrastructure Partnership conference: Achieving better green infrastructure

High quality green infrastructure provides a wide range of benefits to society - but how do we know what 'good' green infrastructure is? And how can we achieve it?Read more