“People take pride in East Kilbride”

What lessons can we learn from New Towns? Charlotte Llewellyn shares reflections from the APPG on New Towns conference


Garden Cities: separating truth from myth

The Garden City idea is one of the strongest tools we have available to enable a healthy, affordable and zero-carbon

Katy Lock

Salt Cross: a serious error of judgement

Hugh Ellis tackles the decision by PINS to remove critical climate targets from the proposed West Oxfordshire Area

Hugh Ellis

Unleashing the potential of ‘held back’ places

TCPA Vice President Peter Hetherington describes the challenges faced by 'held back' areas. If not Levelling Up, what

Peter Hetherington

The 20-minute neighbourhood and individual freedom

Blog: why are 20-minute neighbourhoods seen as being in tension with individual freedom? Max Hunter argues that shaping

Max Hunter