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Press release: Government puts quality, design and stewardship at heart of new towns legislation update

In response to the government consultation on updating the New Towns Act1, published this afternoon, Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the TCPA. said:

“The TCPA strongly welcomes the government’s emphasis on putting people and quality development at the heart of the process of making new places.

“The emphasis on a genuine sharing of development values and the long-term stewardship of new town assets for the benefit of the community has the potential to be a transformational change in the way that we deliver new homes and communities.

“The publication of the draft regulations marks a major step forward in the TCPA’s garden cities and new towns campaign. The TCPA would have liked the government to have gone further on issues around climate change and social inclusion, but nonetheless this is a powerful first step in re-empowering local government to be able to deliver the kind of places the nation needs and deserves.”

Notes to editors

The full government consultation can be found here:


1. The New Towns Act 1981 (Local Authority Oversight) Regulations consultation paper includes proposed measures to ensure that new town development corporations

  • plan for the creation of a high quality settlement which is a sustainable community;
  • support sustainable development and good design, and
  • plan from the outset for the long-term stewardship of new town assets for the benefit of the community.

2. The Town and Country Planning Association www.www.tcpa.org.uk (TCPA) is an independent campaigning charity calling for more integrated planning based on the principles of accessibility, sustainability, diversity and community cohesion. The TCPA puts social justice and the environment at the heart of the debate about planning policy, housing and energy supply. We inspire government, industry and campaigners to take a fresh perspective on major issues including climate change and regeneration.

3. For further information, please contact Jack Mulligan on 07825 707 546 or [email protected].

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