The TCPA has produced a suite of guidance with practical steps for all those interested in making C21st Garden Cities a reality. Guidance provides detail and case studies on a wide range of key issues, including planning, investment, land assembly, delivery, and longterm stewardship.

Latest Guidance 

Garden City Standards for the 21st Century: Practical Guides for Creating Successful New Communities 

Guide 1: Locating and consenting new Garden Cities (2017)

Guide 2: Finance and Delivery (2017)

Guide 3: Design and Masterplanning (2017)

Guide 4: Planning for Energy and Climate Change (2016)

Guide 5: Homes for All (2016)

Guide 6: I'd love to live there! Planning for Art and Culture (2016)

Guide 7: Planning for Green and Prosperous Places (2017)

Guide 8: Creating health promoting environments (2017)

Guide 9: Long-term Stewardship (2017)

Guide 10: 'Edible' Garden Cities (2019)

Guide 11: People, planning and power (2019)

Other guidance for councils and delivery partners 

Built Today, Treasured Tomorrow: A practical guide to long-term stewardship (2014)

Garden Cities Myth-Buster: a short guide to myths and truths about creating new Garden Cities (2014)

The Art of Building a Garden City - Garden City Standards for the 21st Century (2014)

Creating Garden Cities and Suburbs today: a Guide for councils (2013)

Land value capture and infrastructure delivery through SLICs (2012)

Creating garden cities and suburbs today policies, practices, partnerships and model approaches (2012)

Nothing Gained by Overcrowding! (2012)

Re-imagining Garden Cities for the 21st Century (2011)

Guidance for communities 

In 2012 the TCPA published a guide for communities on understanding the opportunities for development along garden city principles in their locality, highlighting the opportunities that incorporating Garden City principles at the local level can bring. These include opportunities for self build, allotments, community land trusts, management of local parks and community facilities and community planning.

'How good can it be?' A guide to building better places (2012)