Creating Connected Places

This resource is part of a collection called The 20-minute neighbourhood.

Webinar 4

20-minute neighbourhoods or ‘complete, compact and connected’ places create the conditions for people to live healthier, more active lives. This webinar – the fourth in a series of TCPA webinars about 20-minute neighbourhoods – explored how better connections across and between neighbourhoods can be achieved in different types of places, including traditional settlements that were designed for walking but have become car-dominated, and post-war developments that were designed in an era when it was assumed that car-ownership would be universal.

Improving the physical infrastructure of streets and increasing their connectivity is however only part of what needs to be done to encourage people to choose active travel. In addition, people need the confidence to know that they have the ability to reach their destination safely and on time; and need support and encouragement to change deeply ingrained habits such as driving to the local shops or school.

Image credit: Levitt Bernstein