Peterlee: The Place to… Bee

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A new future for Peterlee – Prospectus, December 2023

Peterlee was built to provide a vision of ‘the good life’ for the
mining families of Durham. The founders wanted their children
to have the very best in everything from homes and jobs to
education and the arts, and with nature on their doorstep.

Today, Peterlee has the opportunity to reconnect with that hope
and ambition, and could aim to be the healthiest and greenest
place to live in North East England.

The TCPA has been working with the Town Council in Peterlee for
several years to help explore the future direction of the town. Our
vision draws on the TCPA’s Garden City Principles and workshops
with Councillors, students, and community representatives. It
reflects our understanding of existing renewal masterplans and
the 2022 report of the High Streets Task Force. It focuses
primarily on the town centre and green infrastructure, along
with strategic issues such as governance

This prospectus is designed to be ambitious and provoke a
conversation about the future of Peterlee. It is not a blueprint to
be imposed on the town, but a contribution from an organisation
who wants to support positive change in one of the UK’s most
ambitious new towns.

We hope it will provide the Town Council, County Council and
others to start a conversation locally about the future of Peterlee.
It draws on the experience of many other organisations and case
studies we have worked with through the recent Tomorrow125
project and beyond, from Incredible Edible to East Durham Creates.