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Peterlee: The Place to… Bee

This prospectus is designed to be ambitious and provoke a conversation about the future of Peterlee. It is not a blueprint to be imposed on the town, but a contribution from an organisation who wants to support positive change in one of the UK’s most ambitious new towns.

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Building the Future

Provocation paper
Garden Cities and New Towns, Tomorrow 125

Tomorrow 125 Interim Report

This Interim Report takes stock of the work undertaken so far and sets out how the project will build towards a renewed understanding of the relevance of the Garden City idea to the challenges of the 21st century. It summarises the activities carried out to date, outlines emerging themes, and sets a framework for stage 2 of the Tomorrow 125 project.

Research report
Tomorrow 125

Tomorrow 125 Background Paper 2021

This paper seeks to distil the TCPA’s latest thinking on the core foundations and challenges around exploring the Garden City idea today.

Tomorrow 125

Civic Art: the renewed philosophy of town planning

This paper is designed as a provocation to feed into the development of the new TCPA Arts Strategy. The paper calls for an entirely new philosophy of planning based on civic art to restore planning as a humane and powerful force for better lives.

Provocation paper, Thinkpiece
Art and Planning, Garden Cities and New Towns

A practical path to a hopeful tomorrow

The deep-rooted moral philosophy underpinning the Garden City model, seeking democratic places – designed for justice and with a mutualised economy – is just what we need to address the challenges of today, say Hugh Ellis and Katy Lock.

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Two Tea Bags to Utopia

The podcast, by our Director of Policy Dr Hugh Ellis, can only be described as 'very personal' (which, its author suggests, is also potentially career-ending!).

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