From the archive: 125 Years of the TCPA 

Charlotte Llewellyn digs into the TCPA archive to explore the Association's fascinating


The impact of planning deregulation on rural economies

Lord Taylor of Goss Moor describes the impact of Permitted Development on rural communities like his village of Roche,

Guest blog
Matthew Taylor (Lord Taylor of Goss Moor)

This is the story of Citizens House

Peter Brierley and Hannah Emery-Wright reflect on opportunities for the housing sector to learn from the Community Land

Guest blog
Hannah Emery-Wright & Peter Brierley

Unleashing the potential of ‘held back’ places

TCPA Vice President Peter Hetherington describes the challenges faced by 'held back' areas. If not Levelling Up, what

Peter Hetherington

The City of the Future: An Urban Design Competition

The Take Back the City coalition has launched a competition open to all architects, planners and urban designers to

Guest blog
Chloe Trew