Rising to the climate change challenge: The role of housing and planning within local councils

This report by the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE), researched and written by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA), considers the important role of local councils in tackling climate change, with an emphasis on their responsibilities in relation to housing and planning.

Reflecting on the findings in the UK’s Climate Change Committee Sixth Carbon Budget that state that UK homes make up 25% of total energy use and 15% of emissions, the report argues that the UK will not meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets without tackling emissions from homes.

It calls for national governments to take their enabling role more seriously and take urgent steps to better support ambitious action at the local level.

Drawing on the findings of a survey sent to all local councils within the UK, policy analysis, a roundtable discussion, and detailed consideration of five case studies, the report highlights that important work is already being undertaken by local councils through their approach to both housing and planning. Swansea Council, for example, which has developed its innovative ‘Swansea Standard’ which is delivering lower carbon homes, ending reliance on fossil-fuels and addressing energy affordability with residents.