Waltham Forest’s 15-minute Neighbourhood Framework

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Webinar 5

This webinar, the fifth in the TCPA’s 20-minute neighbourhoods series, presented the work of the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Like many councils, Waltham Forest wants to create a healthier, more active borough by introducing 15/20-minute neighbourhoods – and they are forging ahead. This webinar explored:

  • why Waltham Forest is embedding the 15-minute neighbourhood concept in corporate policy and creating a council-wide strategy based on its principles;
  • how the Young Foundation has helped the council understand what people in Waltham Forest want and need from their neighbourhoods;
  • what they plan to do next and what others can learn from the experience so far.

Many communities are trying to create complete, compact and connected places. These are sometimes known as 10 -minute towns, or 15/20-minute neighbourhoods. The exact description, or the number of minutes, doesn’t matter, the idea is, in essence, the same. It’s about creating places where people can meet most of their everyday needs within a short walk, wheel or cycle of their home: neighbourhoods where life is within easy reach.

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