Healthy ageing in place

This resource is part of a collection called 20-Minute Neighbourhood webinar series.

The UK population is ageing. By 2040, nearly one in seven people is projected to be aged over 75 and in some areas of England, this age-group will make up over 25% of the local population. Concerningly, unless we act, many of these people will live years of their later lives in poor health. This has huge implications not only for health and social care but also for how we plan, create and manage homes, streets, neighbourhoods and places. Building and re-generating places to be healthy, supportive and adaptive to climate change, through ideas like the 20-minute neighbourhood, will help older people to flourish in their existing homes and communities and also benefit other age groups and demographics.

An ageing population presents opportunities and challenges to create better places, but ignoring these changes will undermine any benefits of living longer, with high costs to individuals’ health and well-being and to society.

Following his Chief Medical Officer Annual Report in 2023 ‘Health in an ageing society’, we are pleased to announce that Prof Chris Whitty, will give an opening keynote talk before the webinar explores:

  • how 20-minute neighbourhoods can be successful places, where people can choose to live their whole lives because the needs of all age groups and life stages are accommodated;
  • what age-friendly developments look like – a case study from Greater Manchester;
  • why age-friendly places must consider the impacts of climate change on older people; and
  • the social and economic value of age-friendly communities.