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TCPA Responds to Queen's Speech

For Immediate Release: ‘we need the built environment to support communities to thrive’ says TCPA

In response to the inclusion of a Planning Bill to reform the English planning system in the Queens Speech, Fiona Howie, chief executive of the TCPA, said:

“The details of this planning legislation will be critically important if it is to support communities in meeting the major challenges facing society. Yes, we need more homes. But the bill must set out a framework that will deliver much more than that. As we approach COP26 the legislation is the last chance to ensure planning radically reduces our carbon emissions.  It has to transform housing standards and give local people real democratic control over their future.

“While we await further information about the legislation following the Planning White Paper last autumn, it is disappointing that the government’s narrative has focused, once again, solely on housing numbers. If we are truly committed to building back better, we need the built environment to support communities to thrive, and the government must recognise that homes cannot be delivered in isolation from the other elements that are key to complete, healthy and sustainable places.”



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