Long-term stewardship

Creating places which enable people to live healthy and fulfilling lives means providing the spaces, places and infrastructure that people need to live well and which enable the natural world to thrive. It also means empowering people to have a say on how their homes and neighbourhoods are created and managed, providing opportunities for active citizenship. This powerful combination is captured in the concept of long-term stewardship, which is a holistic approach to ensuring places can be looked after in perpetuity.

This approach is at the heart of the Garden City model and relates to a range of planning and delivery issues – from finance and design to governance and community building. Its relevant for the creation of new and renewed communities at all scales.  

Interest in the concept of long-term stewardship continues to gain momentum among politicians and practitioners but realising the full opportunity of this ambition requires an early alignment of policy, finance, political will, and the meaningful participation of local people in the process. The TCPA has produced a wealth of guidance and resources to support those interested in this task.

Bespoke training

The TCPA is pleased to offer bespoke briefings, training and support for councils and delivery partners planning for long-term stewardship in new communities. Please contact Katy Lock to explain your needs.