Building the Future

This resource is part of a collection called Tomorrow 125: related publications.

There is an urgent need to find new ways to live together in which everyone has the opportunity to have a flourishing and creative life. This ambition for the good life has been swamped by an avalanche of negativity which argues that positive change is impossible and unaffordable and that communities are incapable of driving their own positive future. The truth is very different.

The prospect is not just that we can live life free from insecurity and ill health. It’s the hope of a life where we can all fully realise our human potential within environmental limits. That life is technically possible now. We just need the good will to make it happen.

As part of the Tomorrow:125 project the TCPA is seeking to build a wide coalition of support for a new development model. The document below sets out our ‘public pitch’ for this project. We believe that enabling human flourishing is possible if we ensure that everyone has access to the basic building blocks of ‘the good life’.

Whatever your reaction to this proposition, we want to hear it. Get in touch with us here.