Neighbourhood planning and 20-minute neighbourhoods

This resource is part of a collection called 20-Minute Neighbourhood webinar series.

Healthy neighbourhood plans

It is widely assumed that it is the NHS that creates good health, and that a healthy place is one with lots of GP surgeries and hospitals. However, evidence demonstrates that although the NHS is good at ‘mending’ people when they become ill, the things that keep people healthy are the places and communities in which they live. In other words, health is made at home and hospitals are for repairs.

Neighbourhood plans can influence how places develop and seek to ensure that a community has good homes, clean air, jobs, access to parks and green spaces, access to healthy food and opportunities for connection with friends and neighbours. A focus on health in a neighbourhood plan is an opportunity to create places in which everyone can thrive. To do this well, neighbourhood plans need to consider local health evidence and can choose to use a concept like 20-minute neighbourhoods to frame ideas and think about health in a holistic way.

In collaboration with Locality, this webinar explored neighbourhood planning as well as introducing the TCPA/University of Manchester Neighbourhood planning and 20-minute neighbourhoods toolkit.

This webinar covers:

  • neighbourhood planning and the role of Locality;
  • how to consider health and wellbeing in neighbourhood plans; and
  • introduce the Neighbourhood planning and 20-minute neighbourhoods toolkit.