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Should communities have a right to green space?

This resource is part of a collection called Green Cities Webinar Series.

This webinar will explore the idea that all communities should have a right to green space, first proposed by Caroline Lucas in May 2020 in ‘Green Steps to Better and since put forward by a range of organisations The webinar will explore what a ‘right to green space’ might mean; how it could be used to make the distribution of green spaces fairer; and what it means at a local level.       

Why communities should have a right to green space

Caroline Lucas, Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion

Introducing the Green Space Index and how it could be used to put the ‘right to greenspace’ into practice’    

Helen Griffiths, CEO, Fields in Trust

How might the ‘right to green space’ work in London

Trina Lynskey, Chair of Deptford Folk and London Green Spaces Commissioner