We campaign for the reform of the UK's planning system to make it more responsive to people's needs and aspirations and to promote sustainable development

Local authority housing research

A shortage of affordable housing is one of the biggest issues that local authorities face at the moment, with 96% describing their need for affordable housing as severe or moderate.


Author: Claire Porter


The planning system was invented to help provide a good home, for everyone, in a healthy, thriving place. But in the last few decades something has gone badly wrong.



TCPA welcomes Housing White Paper announcement


Author: katy lock

Garden City Principles

The Garden City principles are a distillation of the key elements that have made the Garden City model of development so successful, articulated for a 21st century context.


Author: Claire Porter

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  • TCPA Conference: 'Planning for an ageing population'

    We know that people are living longer - but what are the implications for the way we plan places? Read more

  • Annual Conference: 'Time for a new planning system?'

    The Government will announce its Housing White Paper on 23 November setting out how it intends to deliver more homes. This timely conference provides a chance to ask: is it time to completely re-think the way that we plan? Read more