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Tomorrow 125

A collaborative journey to explore how the moral foundations of the Garden City movement can give practical hope to 21st century communities.

2023 marks the 125th anniversary of the publication of Ebenezer Howard’s seminal book Tomorrow, a Peaceful Path to Real reform. Building on half a millennium of thinking about how we might live, the ideas distilled in Howard’s book provided a practical framework for realising no less than a new society. 

At a time when the world is debating what the ‘new normal’ looks like in a post-COVID 19 world, which is also dealing with a range of local and global issues ranging from access to greenspace and the impacts of BREXIT to racial equality and climate change, the ethos behind the Garden City idea is more relevant than ever. 

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The ‘Tomorrow 125’ project is a three-year programme of collaborative projects, events and interventions, culminating in the development of a roadmap of practical actions.

The TCPA has accumulated over a century of learning from Howard’s ideas and the places he built and inspired, and campaigns for new Garden Cities have sought to bring these ideas to a new generation. There is no doubt that the Garden City Principles have led to higher standards in some places but there remains an overwhelming disconnect between the radical vision for sustainable and socially just places and the outcomes of many new and existing communities.  

At a time when change is not only desirable but a necessity, the TCPA is on a journey to consider how Howard’s moral philosophy of place might enable the practical solutions we need to develop a new way of living.

Public Pitch

Building the Future

There is an urgent need to find new ways to live together in which everyone has the opportunity to have a flourishing and creative life within environmental limits.

As part of the Tomorrow:125 project the TCPA is seeking to build a wide coalition of support for a new development model. This proposition paper sets out our ‘public pitch’ for the project.